Music Video and Strain Pairing of the Week: “Virtual Insanity” and Lodi Dodi

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Music Video and Strain Pairing of the Week: “Virtual Insanity” and Lodi Dodi

We’ve gone from “WTF” to “Virtual Insanity” for this week’s trippy music video and strain pairing, echoing the sentiments of many people who have been following the 2016 presidential election. Jeremiah Wilhelm, our strain researcher, recommended Jamiroquai’s 1996 hit single because, in his words:

“‘Virtual Insanity’ speaks to the mutability of perception. The moving floors and walls, the way the camera plays with our perspective, all belabor the point that existence is happening to us and not the other way around. But just as Jamiroquai is walking through a world that is slipping beneath his feet, we too must traverse the shifting landscape below us, moonwalking confidently backwards (which is forwards in our modern ‘opposite-world’) into a reality we have only had the pleasure/displeasure to witness on television.”

For an ideal companion strain to pair with this music video, Jeremiah recommends the fruity fresh hybrid Lodi Dodi:

Leafly Lodi Dodi hybrid cannabis strain “Lodi Dodi has a mid-level body energy and a physical warmth that makes me want to move. The mental state is elevated while the body remains loose, yet grounded.  As the piano builds, the musical progression climbs up my legs, eliciting an involuntary Michael Jackson leg kick. And like that, this strain wears me like a top hat. I am immediately more distinguished and at least 25% more coordinated—the loud speaker blaring marching orders in my brain has been completely unplugged—and I am now an extension of the funky honesty native to the virtual insanity we’re living in and this pungent hybrid strain.”

Do you have a trippy music video that you love to watch? Drop a comment with your favorite and we may feature it in a future installment. Otherwise, stay tuned for more Leafly staff recommendations!

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