Music Video and Strain Pairing of the Week: “Feel the Lightning” and XJ-13

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This week’s trippy music video answers the age-old question, “What’s your furniture up to while you’re out of the house?” Leafly customer service specialist Diana Rocha recommends checking out Dan Deacon’s spectacularly odd music video for “Feel the Lightning,” because it’s “happy, super silly music.” She explains, “The music makes me want to dance, and I love that all these inanimate objects and random alien creatures can’t help but dance, either. Also, humping chairs. That’s funny.”

Our strain researcher Jeremiah Wilhelm recommends reaching for the lovely sativa-dominant hybrid XJ-13:

Leafly XJ-13 hybrid cannabis strain“This lighthearted state from the music video coupled with the stimulation of XJ-13 work towards the consumer’s end goal of couchlocked imagination or uplifting whimsy. Enjoy your vivid headspace!”

Do you have a trippy music video that you love to watch? Drop a comment with your favorite and we may feature it in a future installment. Otherwise, stay tuned for more Leafly staff recommendations!

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